The Mission of Sara Strives

Sara Strives is written by a college art student to promote creativity, motivation, and community.

Hey! I’m the founder of Sara Strives. My name is Sara Fry and I am from Texas. I adore creating! I am a highly motivated person and I want to share my thoughts, stories, and advice with you.


Things that I Believe

1. Creation brings the greatest joy.

2. Friendship is critical to your success.

3. Happiness is a choice.

4. Family should be a safe haven.

5. A compliment can go such a long way.

Fun Facts About Me

1. I am the oldest and only girl in my family. I have 5 brothers (1 full, 1 half, and 3 step) that are all younger than me.

2. I am an Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies major with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

3. I had chunks of my hair dyed blue off and on for 5 years of my life. I currently don’t have any blue though!

4. I tend to wear one pair of shoes until they fall apart. I like combat boots usually. I recently got a maroon canvas pair of Doc Martens since I ran my old pair of boots into the ground.

5. I have a serious caffeine addiction. Currently I’ve been drinking Cherry Coke. But have gone through phases of hot tea, coffee, and Dr. Pepper.

6. I was co-lead costume designer/manager my senior year of high school for our theatre department.

7. I’m a Christian.

8. I have been fascinated with the blogging and youtube world since stumbling upon some so called beauty gurus on youtube in the 7th grade.

9. I am introverted.

10. I like nice rounded numbers so I had to add this completely pointless fact in.


My Story (Coming Soon)