10 Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break


Hey y’all!

So, I don’t know about y’all but my first thought when realizing how long of a break I had between semesters of college was “What am I going to do with all this time?” Here are some ideas to fill those hours with something besides Netflix and sleep!10 Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

1. Spend time with Family

Seriously! You’re home. Spend time with your family and catch up. They care about you a lot. And! It’s likely they’re paying a good chunk of your tuition. 😉 So, just give them that quality time! Eat your meals together and set down your phone for once.

2. Catch up with your high school friends

Catch up with your high school friends while you’re home. I’m sure you miss them as much as I miss mine. Maybe you can team up with them on some of the other suggestions I have listed.

3. Apply for Scholarships

As I mentioned above, tuition is a pretty penny. Spend some time applying for scholarships. I like Fastweb to find credible scholarships. There are a ton of scholarships that don’t require essays and there are a lot that require similar essays. It is definitely worth a try. I would also check your school’s website for any opportunities.

4. Try and get a seasonal job

A lot of retail stores hire for the holiday season, try to pick up a job to make some extra cash. Or, try to get hired back at your summer job. Either option might fill your time and your wallet.

5. Volunteer

Volunteer! It’s a season of giving so go for it! You can volunteer at animal shelters or homeless shelters. I plan on volunteering in my old high school theatre department over the break.

6. Relax while you can

Don’t work too hard. This is your rest time before another stressful semester. It’s okay to spend A LITTLE time on Netflix. Just a little. 😉

7. DIY!

Spend some time getting your creative juices flowing and make something! You can DIY Christmas gifts or really anything. I like to scrounge Pinterest for face mask recipes and cake in a mug recipes!

8. Make some goals for next semester

Set goals! I plan on doing an academic series on this blog, following my goals and the steps I am taking to meet them throughout this next semester. I would refer to this blog post from Just A Girl and Her Blog for a guide to setting goals. There are a lot of other awesome articles on this as well. Just search “goal setting” in Pinterest!

9. Make a study schedule for next semester

I am going to be making a study schedule for next semester so that I have more of a routine. I hope this will help me in being successful with my goals. This post from Candid Caroline explains how to make a a study schedule very well. More on this later!

10. Clean out your stuff! You’re getting a bunch of new stuff anyways.

Seriously guys, we all have so much stuff! I bet you couldn’t name most of the stuff you have hidden in your closet. You’re probably getting a lot of gifts for Christmas, so clean out what you aren’t using now. Donate stuff, re-gift, and throw away! A fresh start for the new year will be such a relief.

What are y’all using your winter break for? Please leave requests!


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