How and Why I Started Blogging: The Beginning of Sara Strives

Hello loves! So, one of the biggest questions I get when I talk to people in my everyday life is “why blog?” So, I figured I would start from the beginning with why I even began blogging.


I have been passionate about the blogging and Youtube video world since the 7th grade, so about seven years. At first, it was an interest in fashion and beauty, more superficial topics. I started there. I had a few crappy blogs that I tried and failed at. But, then I started Sara Strives at the end of my first semester of freshman year of college. I had gone through a really rough semester and wanted to try something to pull myself out of a depressive and anxious state. And Sara Strives was born. 

I threw all my energy into it for the first month or so, and after about 3 months of consistent blogging, I made the leap and purchased my domain name. I began to write a lot! I wrote posts about college and fashion, very generic kinds of topics.

Then it started to transform. In January 2016, I began receiving counseling and medication for anxiety and depression. Later in the semester, they placed an “official” label of GAD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Basically, I deal with anxiety and I don’t know why.

Eventually, I got up the nerve to write a post about my struggle with anxiety. And Sara Strives began to transform into a platform for creatives, but especially those struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as other mental disabilities.

Blogging has opened up this new boldness in me; this honest and sometimes blunt side. I have been able to be raw about what I am feeling and thinking. So, that is why I blog. It makes me feel good! And it helps other people who struggle with similar issues. Do you blog? Why did you start blogging?

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