How Anxiety Empowered Me

How Anxiety Has Empowered Me

Personal struggle to personal growth. Anxiety isn’t as damaging as it is always made to be.

Dorm Room Sick Day Essentials

Okay, so getting sick at college, SUCKS. Here is your list of essentials to survive a sick day at school.

Dorm Room Sick Day EssentialsKleenex!

This one is self explanatory. I went through 2 boxes of tissues in 3 days.

Halls Cough Drops or Throat Drops

These will make your sore throat and cough so much better! Personally I like the ‘Halls Breezers’ throat comfort ones the best.

Lots of water

LOTS OF WATER. You want to get better, don’t you? Stay hydrated!


Drink all the tea. So nice on a sore throat. I really like Sleepytime Tea: Sinus Soother. Or any of the sleepytime teas. Green tea with honey is a great option as well. Green tea has lots of antioxidants and good things that will help heal your body; honey soothes your throat and sweetens.


Mucinex is magic if you are  congested. The commercials may be silly, but this stuff reallyknocks the mucus right out of your system.


Eat lots of hot soup! This is usually all I want to eat when I’m sick. Try to stay away from creamy soups ;dairy makes for more mucus. I like roasted chicken and veggies. Minestrone  is also really good.

Comfy pajamas or clothes

Duh. Comfy clothes are a must for sick days


I was dying for a humidifier when my allergies kicked in severely! My throat was so dry and raw. I heated water in the coffee maker to get it really hot and put it right next to my bed like a make-shift steam treatment. It worked okay, but a humidifier would work even better.

Cozy blankets

To wrap up in and snuggle your way to wellness!

A best friend or boyfriend

You have got to have a bestfriend or boyfriend or someone to bring you all of your supplies if you don’t have them already!


You’re probably going to binge on Netflix, A LOT.


Keep it near you. I’m sure you’ll want to text some since you can’t go into the outside world.
Dorm Room Sick Day Essentials Checklist


What are your sick day essentials?