Ultimate College Packing List

The Ultimate College Packing List from Her Track.com

Today I’m sharing my ultimate college packing list as I go into my sophomore year of college! There are so many posts about how much you desperately need to bring all these crazy things. Because college living spaces are notoriously undersized, over-packing can be a big issue. When it comes to actually packing what you need, the below items should definitely get stuffed into your parents’ van. Continue reading “The Ultimate College Packing List from Her Track.com”

An Announcement: Upcoming Series

Series Announcement!

Hello! I just wanted to announce a new series that will start going up next week! So get ready!An Announcement: Upcoming Series

I am releasing a completely revamped, Preparing for a New Semester series!

So, if you have any specific requests to be included in this series, please let me know with the form below.