College: It’s For Me Right?

College is seen by many as a time in a person’s life where they grow and mature, where they find themselves and start to form the ideas and abilities that make them a unique and individual person. But what if you feel college isn’t for you?

College: It's For Me Right?


Currently, I am ending my second year here at the University of North Texas, and while things certainly are clearer than they were at the end of my first year here, I’m far from knowing what it is that I truly want in life. Growing up, I had always said that I never wanted the basic 9-5 job. I wanted freedom and the ability to use my creativity and make something in this world. I naturally gravitated towards writing and music, as they seemed to come naturally for me. I would look at different career after career and see that my goals and dream jobs had little to nothing to do with a degree. As I got older, I saw college as a machine that pushed out college kids for the basic jobs done by boring people. It was safe to say that by the time that I was a senior in high school, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of myself in college. I saw college as an unnecessary step between me and my goals. I wanted to be a writer or a musician, not a college kid paying thousands for a degree that I would never need or use.

Nevertheless, my mother pushed me to go. We made a deal, that if I truly hated college and didn’t have to be here after year number one, I wouldn’t have to come back for year two. Well, year one came and went, I got good grades, made some friends, and grew as a person. My mom always said that college isn’t about the degree; it’s about growing and maturing, being comfortable with pseudo-adulthood.

She was so very right.

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