Exhaustion and What to do About It

I’ve been completely MIA from my site, and have tried to get back into the swing of things. But, I keep taking on too much. And it exhausts me. I am in a constant exhaustion. Between school, my part time paying job, working with Her Track and Way Up, and planning a wedding, it’s hard to keep up.

But I promise I am not leaving Sara Strives, I’m just swamped at the moment. And, I thought I would share my thoughts on exhaustion and what I plan on doing about it.


Focus on Quality not Quantity

Don’t get to that spot to begin with! Learn how to say no, you don’t have to say yes to everything. This is a big problem for myself. I want to take every opportunity I can get my hands on! But, this is not going to help you in the long run. It won’t help you build your resume. It will run you into the ground and completely exhaust you. That’s where I am, exhausted from taking on more than I have been able to balance.

Tracking Time

Take a moment and think about the time you spend playing dumb games on your phone or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook! Now, be honest with yourself. I would recommend even tracking the time you’re spending and writing everything down. You’ll find you waste a lot of time, so let’s change that!


Now, you need to plan. Walking into this blindly will not help you change your time wasting habits. Set a time to work on specific tasks. And it’s okay if it isn’t every hour on the hour. For example, today, I decided that the morning was for time with my fiance. And that this afternoon I wanted to finish a blog post, and send out an email for Her Track, as well as email my boss at school. Now, I have those steps and I don’t just sit staring in exhaustion at the endless to do list.

Delegating Tasks

Learn to delegate! The people near you love and care about you! They want to help, especially with wedding stuff! If you are able to, delegate tasks to the people working under you. That’s usually why they are there, you can’t do everything! I can be a bit of a control freak and have difficulty letting go of tasks sometimes, but when you release it, it can take a huge weight off your shoulders.


Relax. Throw on a face mask! Drink a cup of tea. Breathe. Learn to truly relax. Check out this article, as well as this one, for some great self care and relaxation ideas.

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