Let’s Move It: The Hunt for the Perfect Apartment

The Hunt for the Perfect Apartment is a part of a new series here on Sara Strives called Let’s Move It. This series is all about the process of making a move: from finding a place to unpacking. So, let’s move it and find a place to live!

The Hunt for the Perfect Apartment

Safety First


When my husband and I first started looking at apartments, we were looking for very cheap apartments. But, frankly, most of those places left us feeling like we were going to be mugged. This isn’t worth the difference in rent. Go somewhere you feel safe.

A big thing for me was being able to take my dog, Norman, out to potty before bed without feeling unsafe. Ultimately, we decided on an apartment that was gated in around the building itself, not the parking lot. This means people have to walk up to the gate and put in a code. They can’t maintain anonymity like they can in a car. But, my point in all this is to find a place where you feel safe. Pay attention to the security measures put in place for you… Are there coded gates? Deadbolts? Security staff? Check out this printable checklist for a list of things to notice.


The word that makes everyone cringe…Your rental options rely immensely on your budget. With this in mind, be reasonable about your price range. You just aren’t going to find a nice, safe, one bedroom apartment for $400. In college towns, it is typically more expensive to live alone. They charge per bedroom, and the more bedrooms in the apartment, the lower the cost. Because of this, I highly encourage you to live with roommates if you aren’t married. Typically, you can get the same size bedroom to yourself for half the price if you live in a four bedroom place (four roommates). This will depend on where you are located.

Don’t forget to ask about utilities and internet. Some places include it in their rent, but sometimes there are entirely separate and fluctuating fees. See the printable checklist here for a more detailed list of possible charges and additional fees.


This probably seems like common sense, but you have to get along with the office staff to have a good experience. A good staff means absolutely everything. If you have problems, they’ll work with you! And you’ll likely feel safer, and taken care of. Because of this, when you look for apartments, keep in mind that you are also interviewing the office staff. My printable checklist includes a list of things to consider about your apartment staff.


Most of all, keep your needs in mind as you search for an apartment, find somewhere you absolutely love. In conclusion, I hope that this helps you in your hunt for the perfect apartment. Share your tips in the comments below. Don’t forget to grab your free worksheet here! Let me know if it helps you out!

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