Let’s Move It: Moving Day

Moving day. It seems that no matter how much you prepare or follow the must haves and guidelines of bloggers…moving day just sucks. So, I’m not going to tell you that this post will help you not have a crappy moving day. But, I hope that this post will make it at least a little less crappy.

Moving Day Essentials

  • comfortable clothes
  • pet sitter if you have pets
  • cleaning supplies
  • paper towels
  • hand soap
  • toilet paper
  • paper plates
  • food plan for the day
  • a handful of helpful people
  • know where your bedding stuff is!

Start your moving day off right and get comfortable!

Please don’t try to be cute on moving day! Just get yourself comfortable, I promise, you won’t care what you look like five minutes in. I recommend workout leggings so your legs are protected (rather than shorts). Also, a loose shirt so you don’t have to deal with a shirt that keeps riding up. Tennis shoes. And a supportive sports bra. I really like this one from Victoria’s Secret.

Pet Sitter

Leave your fur babies with a pet sitter. Doing this allows you to focus on moving without worrying about their safety. Pro Tip: Get their bed set up with their favorite toys so that when you bring them in, their smell is present and they have their things!

Cleaning Supplies

Bring cleaning supplies! Chances are, the place is dusty and not the cleanest. So, when you get inside, start cleaning first thing. This is going to help you out as you’re organizing. Things will move much faster because you won’t have to stop to clean.  Along with that, be sure to bring paper towels, hand soap, and toilet paper! We definitely forgot this and someone made a store run so people could use the bathroom and wash their hands. Oops!


I promise you want paper plates and a food plan in place for the day! I recommend pre-ordering pizza or something easy to eat and clean up. Be sure to feed the people helping you move! They’re there for you, so at least give them some fuel.


Make sure you set up some help for your moving day! But get a good balance. You don’t want 20 people trying to move you into a 1 bedroom apartment. We had 4 adults and 3 kids (10 yrs+) along with me and my husband. This was the perfect amount for us, especially because my husband and I both had to leave at one point or another to go to our first day of classes for the summer (Yikes!). Not so many people that everyone is running over everyone else, but not so few that moving boxes takes hours.

It’s also important that these people have some knowledge of moving things (especially if there are stairs). Lucky for us, we were on the first floor. But having people that know how to lift something safely is critical! Lastly, you need people who listen to where you want things, that kind of thing… because ultimately, you’ll be the one living there. Our team of people was fantastic! So, just be conscious about who you ask and how many people you ask!


Lastly, know where your bedding stuff is, and unpack it first! I promise you do not want to spend forever searching for your sheets after spending all day lugging around heavy boxes and furniture. I recommend packing that stuff with your essentials (toiletries, change of clothes, and pajamas).

That’s about all I have for you! Do you guys have any tips? Anything you learned on your own moving day?

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