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I apologize for the delay of this blog post! Life has been a little bit crazy lately. Anyways, I am really excited to introduce this planner, the Passion Planner! It is probably one of the best planners I have ever used. First a quick disclaimer. Passion Planner was kind enough to send me two planners (one small and one large) for me to review, but I am not receiving monetary compensation for this blog post. I will not benefit from you clicking any of the links in this post.

Passion Planner


The Passion Planner is all about planning for a life you want which is what I love about it. Amidst all the colorful planners that are available, this planner is definitely opposite as far as the typical aesthetic. The Passion Planner has clean black lines and white paper. The fonts and headings are very clean.  Passion Planner Weekly Spread

The Best Organizational Resources in the Passion Planner

  • separated work and personal to do list
  • inspirational quotations
  • a box to write a focus for the week
  • another box to write the good things down
  • hourly planning
  • “space of endless possibilities”
  • monthly review questions
  • and so much morePassion Planner Quote

How I Plan with the Passion Planner

I have used this planner to plan in detail. It is great for people who like to do lists or bullet journaling! Spaces for to do lists are built in with plenty of room, but the weekly spread still allows you to schedule things hourly in a calendar above. I’m obsessed!

I typically use a Sharpie Fine point pen to plan in this planner and haven’t had any issues with bleeding at all.  It really makes for a clean spread which personally helps me with productivity. At first I was using the large planner for most of my planning, but lately I have been loving the smaller, compact planner!

Best thing for you guys? Well! Passion Planner offers a free download of their weekly spread for y’all to try! But I would definitely purchase a planner after you try it out! The covers are really soft and the paper is a good thickness.

There are some great videos of people planning with the Passion Planner here! There’s even some that use lots of colorful stickers and pens if that is more your taste! The Passion Planner is definitely a planner you can make your own and it encourages you to go after what you want and prioritize that while planning!

I hope you enjoy this post! And, another huge thank you to Passion Planner for creating this great organizational tool!


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