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Hello! I’m so excited to release this review on the Plum Paper Planner. Plum Paper is often compared to Erin Condren as a more budget friendly planner. First off, a disclaimer, I did not receive this planner for free. However I did receive it at a discount and they threw in one of their small perfect bound notebooks for free. I do not benefit from writing this post for the company. All opinions are my own.

Plum Paper planner




I chose this gorgeous cover! I am completely in love with it.


At the beginning of each month there is this gorgeous spread! The left side is glossy like the monthly dividers are. There are spots for goals, birthdays, events, and things to remember. The right page includes an area for notes. I added in this list of ten minute tasks to encourage productivity!


Above is the monthly view. I like that the spreads are very clean with small bits of color. It definitely allows freedom for adding stickers, washi tape, or to just have a simple spread. The paper is also lovely and thick enough not to bleed through!


I chose the newest horizontal layout! I love that there are two sections to list out whatever you need to. And then the other page with the days/dates to write in appointments and time specific things.


As far as quality of the planner, Plum Paper recently released a new kind of material for the cover. I do think that the cover is much more sturdy compared to reviews I have seen of the planner in the past. But the part with the design still gets scratched, even with the thick clear cover over it. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints. The stickers you can add to it are fantastic, the coil is PERFECTION, the paper quality is great. The cover material just needs some work. But, if you’re someone that leaves your planner at home or isn’t picky about little scratches, then this would work just fine for you.


Here is the notebook that Plum Paper kindly sent to me! These are small notebooks, no spiral, and you can choose what kind of paper you want inside. This kind of notebook is great for classes you might not take as many notes in (art studio classes for example). It can also be used as a bullet journal. I love the bullet journal videos from this youtuber.

Plum Paper was kind enough to include a coupon code for my readers as well! The code is SARAFRY10. It is good until August 31st, 2016.

I do not benefit if you use this code.


If you have requests for more back to school posts, let me know!

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