How to Have a Productive Summer Break

Do you really want to sit on your butt and watch Netflix this summer? Or do you want to have something to show for your summer? Something to tell people? Here are 15 things you can do! (Get it? Like the 15 weeks in a semester? No…okay. Sorry bad joke.)


This article was originally published by me on the Odyssey. This version has a few tweaks to it! 🙂How to Have a Productive Summer Break

Things to Do to Have a Productive Summer


1. Get a job. This one is obvious. But you gotta make a little money.

2. Find an awesome internship and get some experience.

3. Get active! Take care of your body now. It gets more difficult when you’re back in school.

4. Get up early and enjoy the nice weather. You won’t get off of schedule this way, and you get some fresh air without burning up! 🙂

5. Find a cool DIY project to work on. I’m working on a T-Shirt Quilt.

6. Buff up your LinkedIn profile! Check out this article for how to do it.

7. Clean out your facebook friends, twitter following, instagram following, etc. Do you really want that random freshman from your junior year of high school seeing all of your personal stuff?

8. Try doing a social media purge. AKA, no social media! AT ALL. For a certain period of time.

9. Write something.

10. Beef up your resume! Update everything. Do internships, volunteer hours, etc.

11. Take a class at your community college! Get some credits out of the way.

12. Take a fun class, like an art class or theatre.

13. Participate in your local theatre!

14. Clean out your computer files. It’s probably pretty clogged up from the past two semesters.

15. Art students: Document your work! Photograph all of it! Get it edited and done.

16. And, last, but not least, prepare for your next semester! I have a whole series on this. And I will be revamping that series in late July!

What are you doing this summer? Besides Netflix and swimming?

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