Sara Says I Do!

Sara Says I Do!



This is the page on my website that I will post about our engagement and wedding! I’m very excited to share this journey with you all!


Our Story

How We Met

Max started going to Grace Covenant Church in the 4th grade, and Sara started going in the 6th grade. They knew of each other obviously. Max says he remembers thinking of Sara as one of the girls in the group of quieter, more introverted girls.

Over the years, they knew of each other and had mutual friends. Max says one of his first specific memories of Sara is the red lipstick she used to wear freshman and sophomore year of high school.  Sara’s first specific memory of Max was when he had made a prayer request about something going on with his family during their freshman year. Sara remembers feeling warm and compassionate towards Max, wanting to reach out, but being too shy to do so.



Junior year of high school, Max started sub-campusing at the high school where Sara was. Sara spotted him in the hall on the first day of school and called out, “What are you doing here?” Max awkwardly answered something about culinary and took off the other direction. But, as schedules settled down and stopped changing, Sara realized they had classes near each other. She had a PSAT prep class during the hour before school and Max was dropped off early most days. Max would be sitting across from his pre-calculus room down the hall from where Sara would sit waiting for her pre-calculus class. One night, a stormy Wednesday in October, Sara messaged Max on Facebook. They started texting non-stop and eventually started hanging out before their pre-calculus classes. And there it was, the beginning of their relationship.


The Proposal

Max picked Sara up from work and they were going to go eat dinner with his family. On the way, he said his mom sent her phone with him to catch Pokemon for that  Pokemon Go game. Sara thought it was strange but went along with it. Max and Sara arrived at the park where Max had first said “I love you.” Sara was suspicious at this point, but went along with it. Max walked them to the beautiful little gazebo at the edge of the park. And there he sat down.  Sara asked about the Pokemon, secretly hoping that this was the proposal.  And Max sighed and kind of laughed. He said, “Well, there aren’t any Pokemon, you got me.” He had Sara sit down next to him, she was already tearing up. Max said something along the lines of, ” I don’t have a big speech prepared, but I know I love you and I know I don’t want to spend another day without you.” He got down on one knee and said,  “Sara Ann French Fry, will you marry me?” Sara recalls that both of them were shaking and grinning and tearing up. She said yes, and that was that.


Our Wedding Day

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