My Spring 2016 Goals: April Update

Spring 2016 Goals

  1. Put energy into my friendships. Schedule at least one hangout time a week.

    Still going good. Things have been extra busy, so not as much as I would like, but still good.

  2. Be hydrated! By the end of the semester, be drinking 64oz of water per day. Preferably before the end of the semester.

    Really really bad at this one…

  3. Write and post at least twice a week on Sara Strives.

    Not lately. I’ve been a little bogged down with homework and personal things.

  4. Make more As than Bs.

    As far as I can say, I am headed that direction.

  5. Follow a study schedule to increase productivity and increase goals.

    I found the study schedule to be too constricting for me. I’ve just been working quickly and working as soon as I can instead of putting it off.

  6. Eat vegan, or at least vegetarian for most meals. One to three cheat meals per week. This is primarily for health reasons which is why I am allowing myself “cheat” meals.

    This hasn’t worked as well as I hoped, mostly because of availability. The vegan cafeteria is all the way on the other side of campus and closes at 7pm which is when I usually get hungry for dinner because I eat lunch at 2.

  7. Find a study spot that isn’t my dorm.

    I was using the time I’m at work to do homework, but I’m finding I don’t have the motivation to do that right now. I should probably find a new space.

  8. Put 10% of income into savings.


  9. Get rid of excess stuff for a tidier and less stressful room.

    This has been great. I feel like I’ve cut down quite a bit.

  10. Take a minimum of 10 minutes of quiet/prayer/bible reading time 5 days a week.

    I haven’t done very well with this one. I let myself get swept up in the busyness of school and work. If anyone has suggestions for making sure I make time for this, let me know.

  11. Find a way to take lecture notes that works for me.

    I think I’ve done fine with this. I made a B on one test and an A on another.

  12. Make my bed every morning. Again, for a tidier and less stressful room.

    This hasn’t been happening and it makes my room stressful. I’ve been oversleeping a lot. I want to get back into this.

  13. Read one fun book!

    I haven’t really been working on this very much. But I have a book started.

  14. Submit my degree plan.

    I submitted my degree plan. I have one more meeting to go to, and I think that’s it.

  15. Find a cleaning schedule, whether alone or with a roommate!

    I have been cleaning on Sundays mostly. It’s a nice quiet time to get ready for the week.

How are your goals going?


2 thoughts on “My Spring 2016 Goals: April Update

  1. It sounds like you’re going really well with your goals, girl! It’s hard to find the perfect balance between work/study/life/blogging so don’t feel bad about not blogging as much as you’d like to – especially if the reason you’re not doing it is because you’re enjoying life! xo

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