Horacio Printing Planner

Planner Organization: Horacio Printing Planner

Disclaimer: I was sent this planner for free, but all thoughts are my own, honest, opinion. I do not benefit if you decide to purchase this planner.

Woo hoo! Are you ready for the first planner organization post of the season?! Well, here goes.

First off, one of the best things about this planner company is that some of their proceeds go to A21. A21 is a campaign against human trafficking.

Horacio Printing Planner


Horacio Printing Planner

First Impressions

Please excuse my not so great video quality and awkwardness.


Further Review of the Horacio Printing Planner


The Horacio Printing Planner is good quality overall. The paper is thick so your pen doesn’t bleed through. I’d say it is about a cardstock thickness. The cover is beautiful, however, the gold foil is easily scratched, and the black stays smudgey. This isn’t a huge turn off for me, but for those of you who like to keep a really clean and beautiful planner, it might bug you some. My thought is that you could probably put clear contact paper over the cover to protect it. Let’s talk about the coil…this is not the kind of coil that Plum Paper and Erin Condren. It’s one of those ones that has a piece the pages can’t go past. I hope they are able to change this to the coils on the EC and Plum Paper. But again, the quality overall is pretty good.


The coil does make the usability of the planner a little difficult. However, the simplicity of the pages allows a lot of flexibility in the way you can plan, which makes it more user friendly.


Little Touches

I love the attention to detail put into this planner. The bible verses in the corner. Area for weekly intentions… and several pages that encourage spiritual growth. This is the perfect planner for a new Christian college student that is going off on their own for the first time.


How I Used the Horacio Printing Planner

As you can see in the image above (and below), this planner is more for the minimalist planner. I included my work schedule and a to do list when I needed to. I loved the weekly intentions area for general tasks, things that didn’t need to be done on a specific day. The simplicity of the planner allows the use of various kinds of washi tape, sticky notes, and stickers if you want to!

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I hope you enjoyed this post. There are two more planner posts coming. Let me know if you have any requests! Also, I am looking for guest writers and featured artists currently!

Thanks again Horacio Printing for sending me your planner!

How to Have a Productive Summer Break

Do you want to sit on your butt and watch Netflix all summer or do you want to have something to show for your summer?

Spring 2016 Goals

Goal Results: Spring 2016

So, it’s finally the end of the Spring 2016 Semester. I figured it was about time to go over my goal results with you guys. So here goes.Spring 2016 Goals


  1. Put energy into my friendships. Schedule at least one hangout time a week.

    This has made all the difference in the world. Making time with friends a priority, has built an awesome support system for me. Success.

  2. Be hydrated! By the end of the semester, be drinking 64oz of water per day. Preferably before the end of the semester.

    Really really bad at this one…

  3. Write and post at least twice a week on Sara Strives.

    Most weeks. Success.

  4. Make more As than Bs.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful this time around. I let myself get lazy as the semester was finishing. I made 2 As and 3 Bs.

  5. Follow a study schedule to increase productivity and increase goals.

    I found the study schedule to be too constricting for me. I’ve just been working quickly and working as soon as I can instead of putting it off. I will likely try a less specific schedule next semester because I have 3 online classes that I’m taking.

  6. Eat vegan, or at least vegetarian for most meals. One to three cheat meals per week. This is primarily for health reasons which is why I am allowing myself “cheat” meals.

    This hasn’t worked as well as I hoped, mostly because of availability. The vegan cafeteria is all the way on the other side of campus and closes at 7pm which is when I usually get hungry for dinner because I eat lunch at 2.

  7. Find a study spot that isn’t my dorm.

    I was using the time I’m at work to do homework, but I’m finding I don’t have the motivation to do that right now. I should probably find a new space. I didn’t end up finding a new space…

  8. Put 10% of income into savings.

    I didn’t end up doing this towards the end of the semester.

  9. Get rid of excess stuff for a tidier and less stressful room.

    This has been great. I feel like I’ve cut down quite a bit. Success.

  10. Take a minimum of 10 minutes of quiet/prayer/bible reading time 5 days a week.

    I haven’t done very well with this one. I let myself get swept up in the busyness of school and work. If anyone has suggestions for making sure I make time for this, let me know. I did make quiet time for myself, not much time in the Word though. Half success.

  11. Find a way to take lecture notes that works for me.

    I think I’ve done fine with this. I made a B on one test and an A on another. Success.

  12. Make my bed every morning. Again, for a tidier and less stressful room.

    This hasn’t been happening and it makes my room stressful. I’ve been oversleeping a lot. I want to get back into this. For the majority of the semester, success.

  13. Read one fun book!

    I haven’t really been working on this very much. But I have a book started. I haven’t finished it, but I ended up buying a different book the last week of school that I am very excited to read. Half success.

  14. Submit my degree plan.

    I submitted my degree plan and have gone to all my meetings. I now have my official degree plan in hand! Success.

  15. Find a cleaning schedule, whether alone or with a roommate!

    I have been cleaning on Sundays mostly. It’s a nice quiet time to get ready for the week. Success.

Ultimately, I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but I learned that it’s okay not to meet goals sometimes. Especially when a class might be more difficult than you expected. Or a diet doesn’t work for you. How did your goals turn out? Anything you would do differently next time around?


Preparing for a New Semester: Goal Making

Originally published on sarastrives.wordpress.com3

For the first post of my academic posts for the semester I would like to discuss goal making. You need to know where you are headed before you can work towards it.

Choosing SMART goals.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. I know you’ve probably heard of these before. But this is absolutely critical. If your goals do not meet this criteria, it will be more difficult to find the motivation for success.

Here is one of my goals for example:

Make more As than Bs by the end of the semester.

Specific: The way I have written my goal spells out exactly what I want (more As than Bs). Keeping it specific helps you focus on the point.

Measurable: Again, more As than Bs. This one is fairly obvious, you count the number of As and Bs. ;P Keeping your goals measurable allows you to determine whether or not you have met your goals.

Achievable: I think this goal is very reasonable for me personally. I made 4 As and a B this last semester. This coming semester I am looking for a job though, so I don’t want to put all As, or 4 As and 1 B on myself just yet. I haven’t worked during the school year before.

Realistic: Again, like I said in the achievable point. This goal is very reasonable for me. But, YOU have to decide what is reasonable for you. If you made straight Cs last semester, all As is out of the ballpark. Maybe something like more Bs than Cs would be a good start. And as you improve and learn you can move these goals up in future semesters.

Time-bound: My goal is to be completed by the end of the semester. But you might want to make smaller goals with other kinds of goals. For example, I want to be drinking at least 48 oz of water a day, everyday by March 1st. And by the end of the semester I want to be drinking 64oz of water a day. These time-bound goals keep you on track throughout the semester.

Write down these goals!

Just do it. Right now! Writing your goals down will solidify them and create a visual for you. Hang it up somewhere you will see it. When I get back to school I plan on putting my goals above my desk or maybe on my closet. I will also write them in my planner.

Break them down

Okay, so you have your goals, they are visualized… Now you need to break them down, make a plan. Break your goals down into small manageable steps. For example, if you want to be able to run 5 miles by the end of the semester, start by running 1 mile for 3 weeks, then 2 miles for the next 3 weeks, until you work up to 5 miles for the last 3 weeks of your 15 week semester. Have a plan!

One of my goals is to post atleast twice a week on this blog. Here are some steps for me to move towards that goal.

Write a list of blog post ideas.

Outline some of these.

Take the time to write when you feel the urge to.

Edit an image for a post.

Schedule the blog posts ahead of time.

Schedule the social media posts.

These little steps don’t take forever, well, sometimes the writing does, but when you feel creative, it is easier to crank them out. There is a list I found on someone else’s blog with a bunch of twenty minute tasks for your blog. If I can find it I will link it. But these are a great example of things you can do to get started and to take small manageable steps. So say you want to draw in your sketchbook for your art class everyday, take a little time each evening to do a rough sketch. Make a list of things to sketch. The little bitty steps help you feel so much more accomplished and motivated to keep going. This can also help with managing anxiety.

Find accountability!

Find someone or something to keep you accountable. A study buddy or something. For me it is this blog! I don’t want to fail at my goals after sharing all of them with you. Whether you give them your phone when you really need to study, or they go to the library with you once a week, just set a meeting time or a way for them to actually keep you  accountable. For me, it’ll be check ins on here every couple of weeks.

Take Action!

Go! Don’t “wait until next week.” Start working toward your goals, take those little steps you came up with in your plan.

Here is your checklist for goals! And! As a bonus, a printable to write your goals on! There is enough lines for 15 goals. Please let me know if the quality is too low. I may need to save my files differently. 🙂73

I will post a list of my goals for the semester tomorrow! How do y’all make goals and work towards them?


Preparing for a New Semester: Supplies

Featured Image credited to @rekitanicoledesigns

Originally published on sarastrives.wordpress.com4

Hello! This post will be somewhat brief as supply preferences are always more personal. For the most part, you get to pick what you use for each of your classes in college.


I like to use Five Star 3 subject or 5 subject notebooks and plastic folders for my classes. One for each class. Usually, I can use them for another class the next semester. I keep my pencil bag stocked with black pens and a few pencils for tests. I keep small highlighters in my pencil pouch and jumbo sized ones in my desk drawer. I also keep paperclips to clip together my rough drafts and work for english. I also keep some colored pens (Pilot brand) for color coding my planner.

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