Step-Dad Behind the Blogger

For my next Behind the Blogger post, here are the answers from my step-dad, Nayon. Sounds like Ryan but with an N.

Step-Dad Behind the Blogger

1.    Describe me in three words!

Artistic, organized, persistent

2.    In what ways do you think I’m like you? And not like you?

I feel that we both can be very persistent and opinionated. We both have a love of conversation. I also feel that we both value education.

We are different in that I gravitate toward sciences and math, and you gravitate more towards art and literature. I feel like I’m more of an extrovert and you are more of an introvert. 

3.    Is there anything that you wish had been different between us―or that you would still like to change?

I wish that we could be closer and could talk more one on one.

4.    What three things do you think of the most each day?

Lisa(my wife), my kids, and work.

5.    What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Fried chicken feet.

6.    What is your all time favorite food?

Chilean sea bass.

7.    Who is the cook between you and your significant other?

It used to be me, but now it is Lisa.

8.    What is a funny habit that you have?

I’m kind of OCD about having “fur-free” socks. I don’t like the feeling of a hair ball in my shoes! So, living with a dog that sheds all the time, I spend a lot of time using a lint roller to carefully remove the dog hair from my socks.

9.    What is the craziest way someone has pronounced your name?


10.  What is your favorite breed of dog?  If you don’t have a favorite breed, describe the characteristics of your ideal dog (or cat)!

Golden retriever

11.  Who would play each of your family members in a movie or TV show about your lives?

Me – Ricky Ricardo

Mom  – Lucille Ball

Sara – Marsha from the Brady Bunch

Anthony – Greg from the Brady Bunch

Adam – Bobby from the Brady Bunch

Michael – Peter from the Brady Bunch

12.  What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

My honeymoon in Jamaica.

13.  What is your proudest accomplishment?

Hitting under 3:30 in a marathon.

14.  What is your most embarrassing memory?

I went to a wedding and when I went to the restroom, I walked into the women’s restroom without realizing it, and when I looked up, I was surrounded by giggling women.

15.  What is your favorite family tradition?

Making Thanksgiving dinner.

16.  What is your favorite memory of me?

It was really cute (but a little weird), when you first met me how you would hiss at me like a cat when I would get close to your mom.

17.  What is your greatest regret?

Not extending grace more freely.

18.  What were your hopes and dreams as a child?

I hoped and dreamed to be an astronaut.

19.  What would you like to see change in the world over the next 10 years?

I’d love to see people less “connected” (not have a screen in front of their faces all of the time), which I think prevents us from building relationships with each other. Going back to the point when people on a bus has no device and you can actually strike up a conversation with people again, or to just sit and think creatively.

20.  What was the most rebellious thing you did as a young person?

When I was in grade school, we a bunch of water balloons and hid in the bushes and threw them at cars as they went by.

21.  What can you remember about your first kiss?

I remember being really nervous and practicing for it.

22.  How did you choose your career and what was your favorite part about it?

I liked building things and loved electronics, so it was natural for me to go into electrical engineering. What I like about it is I get to build things that are useful and are used by everyone.

23.  As a father and step-dad, when they think about their careers, what do you want your children to focus on?

Doing something that brings them joy.

24.  What are you inspired by?

Nature, in that you get to experience God’s creation. Also, the human spirit — when I hear stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things or overcoming adversity.

25. How do I inspire you?

I’m inspired by your drive and persistence in doing something that you are truly passionate about, and with your ability to set, organize, and achieve your goals.


Ohhh, wish I didn’t have to put the hissing story on the internet. Oh well, I was always an odd one. But! I was just a kid, not a teenager or anything.