Turn Off Netflix: 52 Ways to Self Care

Turn off Netflix!

I’m serious! I bet you’re watching it right now while reading this blog post and scrolling through Facebook. You are exhausting yourself. Sitting and multitasking is not self care. The noise and the overwhelming of your senses. It’s not providing you with real self care.

Here are 52 ways you can actually care for yourself and relax.


    1. Take a breath! I’m serious. Sit down and straighten your back. Close your eyes. Now, breathe in deep and slow and let it out. You probably just sat back and did this. And, it probably felt amazing. Am I right?
    2. Turn on that guilty pleasure music and dance until you can’t! (i.e. Taylor Swift, musical soundtracks, Hillary Duff early 2000s)
    3. Go on and take a long hot shower.
    4. Also don’t forget to shave and exfoliate while you’re at it!
    5. Finally, don’t forget to lotion up!
    6. Take a long and relaxing walk. Let yourself stop and admire the outdoors. Don’t power walk through.
    7. Similar to the walk, but more restful, go outside and just breathe in the fresh air.
    8. Put on a face mask. There are many options on Pinterest and Youtube.
    9. Put on your favorite outfit. It should make you feel fabulous, confident, but still perfectly comfortable.
    10. Paint your finger nails.
    11. Change your bed sheets. Clean sheets tend to result in the best sleep ever.
    12. Light a delicious smelling candle. Personally, I like warm baking smells like vanilla or cinnamon, and even coffee beans…yum.
    13. Make a hot cup of tea. My favorite is Vanilla Chai. Spicy with just a little bit of sweet.
    14. Read a fun book! Here’s a list of good reads from the blog, Adjusting to Adulthood.
    15. Treat yourself to some new underwear, pajamas, or socks. Seriously. These items need to be replaced more often than they are. Clean, new socks always feel amazing.
    16. Make a mug brownie or cookie.
    17. Spend some time catching up on your favorite blogs.
    18. Clean your desk off.
    19. Draw or paint for fun.
    20. Give yourself a hair treatment
    21. Do some journaling.
    22. Or art journaling.
    23. Or Bible journaling!
    24. Spend some time looking at motivational quotes on Pinterest or Instagram.Turn Off Netflix: 52 Ways to Self Care
    25. Practice calligraphy! I am thinking of trying a calligraphy challenge.
    26. Rearrange your room.
    27. Sweep and mop your room. Or vacuum.
    28. Open a window and pull the curtains back! The fresh air is amazing.
    29. Reorganize something.
    30. Clean out your stuff! Clothes, beauty products, etc. I love this closet clean out from Shelly Cohen. The best part is that she has an active Facebook group that is very encouraging for the cleaning out process!
    31. Plan your week but make it pretty! I have a Pinterest board for inspiration and I’m sure there are more out there.
    32. Do this short workout from Blogilates. It always leaves me feeling relaxed and ready for a productive day.
    33. Go buy a book you’ve been wanting to read.
    34. Start a craft! There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest.
    35. Take your old t-shirts and start a t-shirt quilt. I love this project because it allows me to hold onto my t-shirts that hold memories, but I am also making something useful ultimately.
    36. Make pretty things for your room! Try taking those motivational quotes and calligraphy skills to some card-stock and then frame them and hang them.
    37. Create a vision board!
    38. Hang some twinkle lights in your room.
    39. Clean your bathroom from top to bottom, make it spotless and relaxing.
    40. Oh, and don’t forget to roll your towels and put them in a basket for a spa-like feel.
    41. Hey! You could even buy new towels. I like white for a calm and soothing look.
    42. Buy some new pens and throw out your old ones.
    43. Put some outfits together.
    44. Try out some new music.
    45. Go out with one of your good friends (preferably an optimistic one).
    46. Get your creativity flowing and write a short story.
    47. Take your dog on a long walk. Watching my dog enjoy the sunshine and the smells is one of my favorite things.
    48. Or cuddle with your cat.
    49. Go to a cool part of your town and just walk around and soak it in.
    50. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for. If you enjoy it, you can start a gratitude journal.
    51. Call your mom or your best friend and just talk. Don’t talk about things that need to be talked about, talk about fun things! Have a laugh.
    52. Turn off Netflix. Take a deep breath and just do nothing. Just exist for a moment.

Free printable here y’all! Print it out and add it to that vision board.

P.S. Re-tweet my tweet! I bet a lot of your friends will be appalled by hearing “turn off Netflix.”

Self care is of the utmost importance, yet many of us are not well educated in real self care. I hope this post gives you some ideas to clear your head from the chaos and background noise of life. Have a great Monday!

52 Ways to Self Care

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