Twenty Birthdays and Twenty Lessons

Twenty Birthdays and Twenty Lessons

Today I turn twenty years old.

So, as is typical for us bloggers, I wanted to share some thoughts…twenty to be exact. All about my birthdays.

  1. My first birthday isn’t one I clearly remember. But I know I smashed my face in some Barney themed cake.
  2. My second birthday applies to the rule above.
  3. So does my third.
  4. I think I had a clown for my fourth birthday. I was terrified but I got up in front of people anyways. My fourth birthday taught me how to be fearless.
  5. My fifth birthday was a Dora the Explorer party. I remember being overwhelmed by the number of people. I also remember that my dad dressed up as Swiper and I was upset that I didn’t get to chase him because my shoe came untied. My fifth birthday reminded me not to let myself be left behind.
  6. My sixth birthday included every single girl in my kindergarten class at a pottery painting place. I learned who real friends were. Not that the people there were bad! It was a lot of fun. But I realized I wasn’t close to a lot of them.
  7. My seventh birthday was my first sleepover. I learned how much my mom loves me. She made me a cake with graham crackers decorated as sleeping bags. And then for part of the party, each girl decorated a Smartie candy as a face and put it on their spot on the cake, then added hair with icing. So cute and detailed! She also helped us make picture frames with glow in the dark stickers.

  8. My eighth birthday was a Spy party I think. I learned to be bold. I remember feeling comfortable in my own skin as we went on our missions that my mom so lovingly and creatively made.
  9. My ninth birthday was a strange one. My aunt was sick in the hospital and my house had flooded that year. That year, I learned about hardship. But I also learned to push through, because, my parents gifted me with an MP3 player and we danced for hours.
  10. My tenth birthday was my last birthday before my parents were divorced. I remember eating those funny mini ice cream cones from Baskin Robbins that were decorated like animals with frosting. I learned how to put on a mask. I knew that things weren’t great with my family, but we all put on happy faces for my birthday.
  11. I got my ears pierced on my eleventh birthday. And that is when I started to learn how to take care of myself. I had to take care of my ears and make sure I kept them clean.
  12. On my twelveth birthday, I had a small group of friends over and we ate pizza and watched movies and just enjoyed each others’ company. I learned who my real friends were and that it was okay to just enjoy the company of a few people.
  13. My thirteenth birthday. I was ungrateful. I was going through a bad phase. I learned that I had to treat people with respect. This sounds odd, because it is something you learn as a child, but most people seem to go through a phase in their early teens where they have no respect for the people around them.
  14. I don’t have specific memories of my fourteenth birthday. I think things were pretty simple that year, I was finishing up the 8th grade and coming into my body. I began to learn about the value of appearance in our society.
  15. My fifteenth birthday was not the best. I had some personal things going on. And my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly before. I learned how to express my emotions and lean on my friends during this time.
  16. My sixteenth birthday. Oh, sweet sixteen. My grandmother passed away on my sixteenth birthday. I learned about death, about losing someone close to me. I was numb for hours, and then cried for days. This was my worst birthday.

  17. My seventeenth birthday was spent on some mundane task. I learned that the world didn’t revolve around individuals’ special days.
  18. My eighteenth birthday… my now fiance took me to this little town nearby where we walked and visited a cute bakery. Unfortunately, I got sick. But I learned how much it meant to me to spend time with someone I love, whether or not I don’t feel good.
  19. My nineteenth birthday. My depression and anxiety were pretty severe on my nineteenth birthday. All I could think about was how I had lost my grandmother that day three years prior. It was dreary and I was getting sick. But my now fiance took care of me and spent a lot of time with me. That day taught me how much he loved me, depressed or normal.

  20. Well, I can’t say what happened on my twentieth birthday yet. But I would say that I have learned what maturity is. Because it isn’t age. I promise you that. I learned that age and maturity have no correlation. People really try to claim the maturity card when they find out I’m getting married at 20 years old, but, I truly believe it has nothing to do with age.


This post is definitely more journal like…but I hope y’all enjoy it. Have your birthdays taught you anything? I find birthdays are very significant time markers, lessons, and life moments.


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  1. Love this, and love you! Nana would be so proud of you and would want you to celebrate every one of your birthdays just as you did with this article.

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