Your Guide to Valentine’s Day 2018

Hey y’all! So, I haven’t done this before. But this year, I wanted to put together something for Valentine’s Day. Not just a list of gifts, not just outfits or dates. I wanted to compile everything in one easy place…So here is a guide to your Valentine’s Day of 2018! In this guide, I am going to cover some gift ideas, cute cards, some outfit ideas, and some fun date ideas!

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Valentine’s Day Cards

Personally, I’m more of a make my own Valentine’s Day cards person.¬†So here is an article with a ton of DIY Valentine’s Day cards…But, there are some adorable ones out there to buy too.

Super fun cards to color in and give to your friends! This could also be a fun gift if you give it a little early!coloring cards

Fun card for the Stranger Things fan. My husband found this cheesy card amusing, so I guess it’s guy approved? ūüėČ

Stranger things card

Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. I love this adorable espresso mug set with¬†little hearts hidden in the pattern.¬† It’s just so cute! I’m a sucker for coffee cups. To go with these adorable cups, here is a Chocolate Cherry Latte recipe from Honest&¬†I thought sounded yummy.
    espresso mug set
    2. I thought this simple necklace with a space for hidden messages was adorable. It’s a fun take on the traditional locket.¬†Because of the size, shape, and color it¬†makes me think of the Golden Snitch… Like from Quidditch in Harry Potter.¬† This would be a cute gift for any ladies in your life because it’s simple and goes with anything! Plus you can go ahead and write them a message¬†and put it inside before you gift it.

    3. I love this cute throw pillow cover for¬†a dog loving friend. You can get them an insert for it too so they can cozy up with it…and their dog right away!
    throw pillow

4. Of course, I need to include a practical gift. An extra long charging cable for their phone! iPhone or phones that take¬† micro USB cord. I LOVE having long charging cables around. They are a complete necessity. I use my 10 foot cord by my bed. Also… it seems like everyone can always use some extra chargers.¬†
5. For the stationary¬†lovers in your life there is this adorable¬†notepad. It¬†can also be used to tell the gift receiver what you love about them! Knock Knock has so many fun ones, along with this particular notepad. There’s the¬†Why You’re Really, Really, Really, Really Awesome pad¬†, the I Heart You pad, and a Self-Therapy pad for those with a sense of humor.
knock knock note pad

6. This cheesy guitar pick for the musical SO in your life.
guitar pick

7. For the Anti-Valentine’s Day friend, a fitting mug.
anti-valentine's day mug

8. For the bath junkie, or yourself, try some scented soaps. There is this yummy soap scented like pink frosted animal crackers! I’m also trying to figure out if the recipe on the front is legit… Personally, if I were on the receiving end of something like this with some bath bombs and other bath goodies, I’d be SO happy. There are lots of cute spa basket ideas on Pinterest that you could use this in.
pink frosted animal cracker soap
9. These fun card sets for starting up conversations at the dinner table! There are several different versions of this… Here is the original version. And here is the one for couples! If you have a goal, like my husband and I do, to eat more meals at the dinner table and less in front of the TV. This could help!

10.¬†For your dog: a cheesy heart shaped rope toy. You could also make some homemade treats if you’re a Pinterest Dog Mom.¬†No judgement. I want to try them too!
heart dog toy11. For the chocolate fanatic, a chocolate “passport.”
chocolate passport

12. And finally, for the Harry Potter lover with a sweet tooth…
harry potter candy

Valentine’s Day Fashion

Fancy Evening Out

This classy black dress caught my eye! The mesh is really unique and the length is nice. This is definitely going to be sitting in my “Saved for Later” on Amazon. I would pair it with a simple pair of flats or heels, nothing too over the top. Simple earrings, and some classic makeup.

Casual Night Out

Personally, I am more of a casual date night person. I like wearing jeans and maybe a cute shirt and whatever shoes I feel like wearing. I found this adorable sweater on Amazon that has a lace up back. SO cute! They have it in ivory too, but for some reason the ivory is triple the price. Makes me so sad!

A Night In

So my Valentine’s Day will probably be a night in…because well, we’re just homebodies, plus it is in the middle of the week this year. But for a night in, you won’t catch me dead in anything other than something really comfy.

Anyways, I got an Adore Me box recently because I needed a new bra, and I really like it! Normally, their bra sets are $40. I would normally spend $40 on just a bra on sale at Victoria’s Secret! But Adore Me is $40 regularly with a pair of matching underwear.¬† Plus you get a free set after every 5. But, they also have active wear and sleepwear, as well as lingerie. Personally, I go for the sleepwear and active wear because my wardrobe is all about comfort. Okay so the¬†link I’m about to give is not an Amazon Affiliate link. But it if you choose to purchase from my link, I get credit on my Adore Me account. In exchange, you get $15 off by using this link! Pretty cool if you ask me! P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like Adore Me!


Date Night Ideas

  1. Stay home and take care of yourself! Check out this adorable video from The Sorry Girls for 25 ideas! I seriously love them! Their content just gets better and better. Maybe by the time you read this, they’ll have some more Valentine’s Day content out!
  2. With the ladies,¬†just do whatever you want! Maybe you don’t want to watch romantic comedies, maybe you’d much rather have an Anti-Valentine’s Day night and watch a bunch of action or horror movies, while you eat whatever food you picked up. But, no matter how Anti-Valentine’s Day you are…can you really skip the chocolate?
  3. My husband and I’s pick… Stay home, cook a favorite meal, and maybe indulge in a sweet treat of some kind. All while watching a crap ton of Friends of course!
  4. If you want to go out for a fancy date, set a different day to go out for Valentine’s Day so you aren’t splurging on a fancy meal in a super crowded restaurant. I would even try to choose a Thursday or something, rather than the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day. As far as picking a restaurant, utilize Yelp! It has prevented so many unworthy meals out.
  5. Lastly, try fun challenge, go to the store and set a price limit and put together a creative meal with your friends or significant other. You could also do this with fast food, order off the dollar menu or something.

Anyways, I hope this blog post has helped you find some gifts, maybe some outfit ideas… What do you guys plan on doing for Valentine’s Day?


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