Sara Miller - Sara StrivesHey! I’m Sara Miller.

I’m a twenty-something blogger living in Austin, TX with my husband, Max, and my dog, Norman.

I founded Sara Strives in December 2015, during my freshman year of college. It started as a creative outlet, and as a result of my interest in blogging and Youtube that I’ve had since I got my first computer at thirteen years old. I finally bit the bullet about five years later, and I’ve been blogging ever since!

Sara Strives started as a college blog before it became more focused on lifestyle and mental health. My interest in sharing about mental health started with my own struggles with generalized anxiety disorder.

Besides my blog,  I work full time in marketing/communications in animal welfare, as well as freelancing occasionally on the side.

In my non-blog-focused free time, I enjoy running errands with my husband, cooking, reading, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and snuggling Norman.

Learn more about me and the blog on the about page, or start by checking out some of my favorite blog posts linked above! You can also get to know my by following me on Instagram or other social media platforms. Those accounts are linked in the footer below!